What we do

At PROCESA we are experts in the transformation of stainless steel. We make containers, tanks for transporting liquids and equipment for processing food, dairy, distilled products, chemicals, pharmaceutics, wines, cosmetics and vehicles.

We carefully monitor the manufacturing procedures of storage tanks, processing tanks, thermo-tanks, liquid-transportation tanks, silos, fermentation tanks, pots, pasteurizers, “double o” tubs, filters, painting booths, washing tunnels, C. I. P systems. For that purpose we rely on highly qualified personnel. That is why we can guarantee the quality of our products.

We design and develop projects using CAD technology and engineering and apply TIG and MIG welding procedures. We can offer 2-B, P-3, P-4, B-A and vinyl- coating finishes.

We have a 3500 m2 under-roof manufacturing area and an installed production capacity of 50 tons per month.

For the accomplishment of your projects, we rely on different areas assigned for plotting, cutting, rolling, folding, welding, polishing, forming, bending, cranes and fright lifts. For all of this we count on our own equipment and machinery.